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  1. Add the NSFW flag to media containing sex or violence.
  2. We do not accept content illegal in Canada, Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism.
  3. Sexual depictions of children is not allowed.
  4. We do not accept racism, sexism, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or xenophobia and/or nationalism.
  5. We do not accept TERFS and your Freedom of Speech is no permission for you to insult other people or to violate their rights.
  6. No NFT content. None at all.
  7. Contact: https://mastodon.social/@metapixl or mail hello@metapixl.com
  8. You can find an up to date instance silence/block list here: https://codeberg.org/metapixl_com/Blocklist-for-metapixl.com

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