Pixelfed is an image sharing platform, an ethical alternative to centralized platforms.


"Be excellent to each other" is easier said than done, and means different things to different people. The following rules are a (non-exhaustive) list of behaviours that may lead to deletion of toots, silencing or suspension of accounts, at the descretion of the instance administrators.

Please report behaviour that bothers you. We will keep your report confidential.

  • We do not tolerate harrassment, stalking, and doxxing.
  • We do not tolerate racism, sexism, verbal abuse, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or the advocation of any of these.
  • We do not tolerate violent nationalist propaganda, Nazi symbolism or promoting the ideology of National Socialism.
  • Do not contact people who made clear they want no contact. This includes dogpiling/brigading.
  • Posts with sexual content or gore have to be tagged.
  • Advertisements have to be tagged, and must not be excessive or automated.
  • Automated posts should be unlisted (rendering visible to everybody, but not appearing on the local timeline) to keep the local timeline of our instance a place of community dialogue and human interaction. This extends to bots, feed posters and crossposts with broken mentions.
  • Bots may only interact with a user when they're invited by that user to do so.
  • If you need to post with a high frequency, please set your posts to be unlisted to keep the local timeline readable.
  • In discussions, please remain civil, do not insult the people you're talking to, and try to avoid irony, sarcasm, or similar modes of language – they typically don't translate well to written language and tend to escalate discussions or misunderstandings.






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